Plumbing Water -Hoses & Fittings

PEN 81134
Weight: kg

1/2" Elbow connector

PEN 81124
Weight: kg

1/2" Straight connector

PEN 81114
Weight: kg

1/2" Tee Connector

MC 118-Hex
Weight: kg

1/2" x 3/8" BSP Female Coupler

Length: 30mm Construction Material: Brass Thread Size: 1/2" BSP female (non taper) x 3/8" BSP female (non taper)
PEN 81104
Weight: kg

1/2" Y Branch connector - white only

PEN 81117
Weight: kg

3/4" Straight connector

PEN 81115
Weight: kg

3/4" Tee Connector

PEN 81106
Weight: kg

3/4" Y Branch connector

PEN 81123
Weight: kg

3/8" Straight Connector

PEN 81142
Weight: kg

3/8" to 1/2" connector

MC AH-101
Weight: kg

716D.12 Hose Connector 1/2" BSPM x 1/2"

PEN 82063/MC WD-051
Weight: kg

Angled sink waste

Weight: kg

Blue cold water hose- per metre

per mtr

Weight: kg

Brass hose connector

AQ 2-70030
Weight: kg

Brass Skin fitting 1" BSP

AQ 2-70020
Weight: kg

Brass Skin fitting 3/4" BSP

MC EA-073
Weight: kg

CAV Flter metal drain plug


Clear braided hose - per metre

1/2" - 5/8" - 3/4" - 1"


Weight: kg

Flexible Connector 15mm x 1/2" x 500mm

15mm x 1/2" x 500mm Flexible Connector
MC J60-15
Weight: kg

Hep2o insert

Weight: kg

Hep2o pipe 15mm per mtr

MC HD25A-15
Weight: kg

Hepworth 15mm - 1/2" Tap Connecter

Hepworth straight tap connector 1/2" to 15mm
MC HD25B-15
Weight: kg

Hepworth 15mm - 3/4" Tap Connecter

MC HX44-15
Weight: kg

Hepworth 15mm Blanking Plug

MC HD10-15
Weight: kg

Hepworth 15mm Equal Tee