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CWS 102001
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Pearson's Canal Companion - Cheshire Ring

The fact that this was the first Canal Companion to reach double figures in terms of editions emphasises the durable nature of this popular circuit with boaters and walkers alike. Featured canals on the Cheshire Ring include the Trent & Mersey north of Kidsgrove, the Bridgewater Canal, the Ashton & Peak Forest Canals, and the Macclesfield Canal. Furthermore, this guide now additionally covers the adjoining South Pennine Ring, a challenging yet hugely rewarding route combining two great success stories of canal restoration, the Rochdale and Huddersfield canals.

With its huge lock count - 197 in 71 miles - the South Pennine Ring is hard work for boaters, though walkers and cyclists will derive great pleasure from exploring these mountainous routes couched in a dramatic post-industrial setting.

CWS 102003
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Pearson's Canal Companion - Four Counties Ring

The Four Counties Ring Canal Companion was the first guide Pearson's published and has gone through nine editions since first appearing in print in 1982. Its core route is a 109 mile / 94 lock circuit through the counties of Staffordshire, West Midlands, Shropshire and Cheshire; especially popular with hire boaters. The guide includes full coverage of the famous Trent & Mersey Canal, stretching 92 miles from Preston Brook, near Runcorn, to Shardlow, near Derby.

Two other waterways of contrasting character are also included: the Caldon Canal, which runs from the Potteries up into the Staffordshire Moorlands; and the Weaver Navigation, a former inland shipping route which pivots on the legendary Anderton Lift; one of the Seven Wonders of the Waterways.

CWS 102006
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Pearson's Canal Companion - Oxford - Grand Union & Upper Thames

Two routes between the midlands and the south-east are at the heart of this Canal Companion, with the delightful upper reaches of the River Thames thrown in for good measure. The Oxford Canal features in its entirety, all the way from the outskirts of Coventry to the City of Dreaming Spires, one of the most beautiful canals in the country, whilst its towpath is a designated long distance foot path too.

Coverage of the mighty Grand Union commences at the canal centre of Braunston in Northamptonshire and runs all the way down to Brentford (where it links with Pearson’s Canal Companion to the Kennet & Avon and River Thames) and Paddington in central London. Also included are the branches to Northampton, Aylesbury, Wendover and Slough. Additionally, the Leicester Section of the Grand Union, up as far as the famous flight of locks at Foxton and Market Harborough, is also featured.

CWS 102007
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Pearson's Canal Companion - Severn & Avon

Were there prizes for prettiness, this Canal Companion would be a regular contender. But the rivers Severn and Avon have experienced a sequence of flood-affected seasons in recent years that has deterred the boating classes from enjoying them to the full. On a more positive note, this guide maintains its viability by featuring the lovely Stratford-on-Avon Canal, the Worcester & Birmingham (with its well-known flight of locks at Tardebigge) and the recently restored - to great acclaim - Droitwich Canals.

The River Severn (accompanied by the charming Severn Way long distance path) is covered all the way from Stourport to Gloucester where the other-worldly Gloucester & Sharpness Canal takes over to the shores of the Bristol Channel. And then last - but far from least - this guide includes the freshly restored Cotswold Canals between Saul Junction and Kemble.

CWS 102008
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Pearson's Canal Companion - South Midlands

With the Warwickshire Ring at its heart, this Canal Companion covers the canals of the South Midlands, featuring a number of connecting routes: such as Fazeley (near Tamworth) to Sawley (near Nottingham), Braunston to Stoke Bruerne, and the alternative route of the Warwickshire Ring through Hockley Heath and King’s Norton right into the centre of Birmingham which has revitalized its city centre canals to stunning effect in recent years.

Also included is the lovely (and significantly lock-less) Ashby Canal, a route valued by boaters who want to get away from it all with the minimum of effort. It is also worth bearing in mind that this guide, taken in conjunction with the East Midlands Canal Companion, covers the whole of the so-called ‘Leicester Ring’, a lovely two or three week amble through the Shires and some of middle England's best scenery.

CWS BK-102
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Pearson's Canal Companion - Stourport Ring

The Stourport Ring features the charming Staffordshire & Worcestershire Canal’s southern half, the main lines of the Birmingham Canal Navigations, the Worcester & Birmingham Canal, and the upper navigable reaches of the River Severn, a thoroughly entertaining 'ring' of considerable variety.

The adjoining Black Country (aka Staffordshire) Ring includes the Birmingham & Fazeley Canal, parts of the Coventry and Trent & Mersey canals, the northern half of the Staffordshire & Worcestershire Canal and the main lines of the BCN again. With detailed coverage of the Stourbridge and Dudley canals and the northern expanses of the BCN, you get a lot of canal for your money in this much valued Canal Companion.

CWS 102010
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Pearson's Canal Companion - Welsh Waters

It’s a popular misconception that the Canal Companions are 'ring' orientated when half of them don’t feature circular routes at all. This one’s a case in point. Moreover, however hard we try, and whatever effort we put into the other Companions, this is perennially the most popular, out-selling some of the more arcane Companions by 5 to 1. Mystifying? Well, not really, the Llangollen Canal has always been the honeypot of the canal network in the leisure era, and the Shropshire Union, also fully covered in this guide, doesn’t lag far behind. Throw in the beautiful (but isolated) Monmouthshire & Brecon Canal, and the slowly emerging Montgomery Canal (a real treat for walkers and cyclists) and it isn’t difficult to explain this guide’s popularity.

We’d just urge you to try some of the others; you’ll find them quieter if nothing else!

CWS 102004
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Pearson's Canal Companion - Kennet & Avon/River Thames

Between them, the Kennet & Avon Navigation and the River Thames pass through some of southern England’s most beautiful scenery. The Thames has long been a source of recreation for all manner of boaters and of course it is accompanied throughout by the Thames Path. In contrast, the Kennet & Avon had been allowed to fall into dereliction, and it was not until 1990 that it was reopened throughout.

At 93 miles in length with 104 widebeam locks, it is now recognised as one of the premier inland waterways in the country and this Canal Companion has established itself as one of the most reliable interpretations of the route, all the way from Bristol’s Floating Harbour in the west, to the canal’s meeting with the Thames at Reading.

CWS 132010
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132010_1 12 volt bible

The 12 Volt Bible for Boats

The 12 Volt Bible for Boats- Miner Brotherton,

Revieed by Ed Sherman.

The 12 Volt Bible is a complete introduction to the 12-volt electrical systems used on small boats to power everything from reading lights to bilge pumps. Written for boaters who are not skilled electricians, it explains how 12-volt systems work and how to maintain them in a good operating condition, how to recognise an electrical problem, and how to troubleshoot that problem. Each chapter covers a different area of boat electrics including the basic theory of electricity, electrical circuits, the battery, wiring, the controls, transducers, recharging the battery, and troubleshooting.
CWS 132005
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The Liveaboard Guide

Living afloat on the inland waterways.

The Live Aboard Guide - Tony Jones. Living afloat on the inland waterways. The romantic dream of downsizing, giving up the rat race, and living life at 4mph on the inland waterways is proving more and more attractive. But for tens of thousands of people it is not just a romantic dream but an actual lifestyle. Tony Jones is one of those people. He has lived aboard his 50ft narrowboat for over seven years and in this very practical book he documents what the liveaboard lifestyle is really like, focusing on the practical issues of day to day living for those who want to know what living on a boat actually entails, to see how to manage it for themselves. Topics covered include: - the pros, cons and costs of a residential mooring - power usage and energy consumption (and how it differs from a house) - how to stay warm - the choice of coal, electric, gas or wood heating - boat loos - the pros and cons, and troubleshooting typical problems - entertainment - TV, radio, internet, DVDs - logistical problems - no postal address, GP access, vehicle access. The aim of this book is to feed people's dreams by showing that every possible problem that could arise when living on a boat has a tried and tested solution. The dream is perfectly possible, and this book is the complete practical guide to achieving it.

CWS 104004
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104004 river nene guide

The River Nene

The River Nene

A guide for river users.  

Northampton to Peterborough (Dog-in-a-Doublet Lock) Including the Grand Union Canal (Northampton Arm)