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910-001 Coupling 4" 4 Bolt

Flexible coupling 910001. Commonly referred to as 4". Fits between gearbox output flange and shaft coupling to allow for any temporary misalignment caused by flexing of boat structure or movement of engine on its mounts. Failsafe included. Mounting: 4x M10 bolts, 3.25" PCD. Register: 63.5mm (2.5"). Typical application: PRM80/120/150, ZF/Hurth 50/100/125, TMC40/60. Use with RD202153 or RD202165 split couplings. Diameter (O/D): 114.3mm (4.5")
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Anode sacrificial 2.5kg Flat Magnesium

RDG 6601
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Barrus Shire Air Filter

RDG 5795
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Barrus Shire Air Filter

RDG 6599
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Barrus Shire Airfilter

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Bilge Mate Bilge pump - submersible 30 LPM

Max flow: 30 LPM Hose Outlet: 3/4''.
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Bilge Pump - 12 v Whale Supersub Smart

Low profile automatic bilge pump
The Smart Supersub bilge pump 650 has a low narrow design for confined spaces. The outlet and pump body rotate to suit your installation and the low power consumption means a longer battery life. The low profile strainer leaves the bilge almost dry. The Smart version comes with a built in float switch. 650 GPH. Hose connection: 19 mm (3/4"). Dimensions: 75 mm(H) x 54 mm(W) x 212 mm(L)
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Bilge pump - Rule 800GPH - 3028 LPH 12 v

Up to 50 litres/minute (11 gallons/minute). Maximum
Up to 50 litres/minute (11 gallons/minute) Maximum recommended discharge head:  2m Outlet: 3/4'' (19 mm) hose tail Recommended Fuse Size: - 5 A (at 12 V) Dimensions: 95 mm high, 60 mm base diameter.
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Bilge pump - Rule mate 500 12 v

Fully automated submersible bilge pump, ignition protected, high efficiency, with stainless steel shaft. Solid state electronic water sensing technology that turns the pump on without the need for a float switch. Anti fouling impeller.
  • Straight and 90 degree hose connection included.
  • Dimensions: 114.3mm(H) x 152.4mm(W) x 82.5mm(D).
  • Outlet: 3/4'' hose tails.
  • Capacity: 500gph/1890lph.
  • Fuse Requirement: 5amp.
  • WS-005
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    Bilge pump - Rule-A-Matic float switch 12 v

    Auto float switch

    Rule-a-Matic mercury free float switch. Pump turns on when water level reaches 51mm (2"), turns off when water level drops to 19mm (3/4"). Removable base for easy installation and maintenance. Rating: 14 amps (max) Voltage Input: 12 Manufacturers Part Number: CW35.
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    Bilge pump -Whale self venting submersible 12 v pump

    The whale standard submersible pump is a simple, compact and economical solution. It has a long life and is very quiet with a low power consumption. An inexpensive way to update a manual to an electric system, it can be used with pressure and micro switch systems. It has a flow rate of 10 LPM and draws 2.4 amps.
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    Blue cold water hose- per metre

    per mtr

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    Bowman end 3366

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    Bowman end cap 3419NP

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    Bowman End Cap 70/22mm 3251

    EA-045- EA-046
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    Bowman exhaust flange

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    Bowman Filler Cap small

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    Bowman Filler neck & screw insert

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    Bowman RWC End Cap 32mm 3716NP

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    Cable Clamp Kit - Stop

    Stop cable clamp and pivot kit. To suit maximum 7mm cable outer and 2mm cable inner.