MC AM-016
Weight: kg

Captain Tolleys Creeping Crack Cure

Creeping crack cure 60 ml

CENT 92114
Weight: kg

Danish oil - Collection only

500 ml

Weight: kg

Everbuild Fix & Fill Expanding Foam 750ml

CENT 90794
Weight: kg

Everbuild Silicon spray


Fertan rust treatment - Collection only

CENT 90226
Weight: kg

Flexible Ready mixed Wood Filler Brown 330g

CENT 90225
Weight: kg

Flexible Ready Mixed Wood filler White 330g

Weight: kg

Flexible sanding block - Medium/Coarse

Weight: kg

Flexible sanding block -Fine/Medium

MC AM-024/AM-026/AM-023
Weight: kg

Geocel Pro 598 silicone sealants

Black, Clear or White

310 ml

MC PA-433
Weight: kg

International Boat Shampoo 500ml

Boat Shampoo is a universal cleaner suitable for fibreglass, wood, metals and painted surfaces. *Can be used with salt water - convenient to use anywhere.
MC PA-082

International Danboline Grey 750ml - Collection only


  750mm or 2.5 litre sizes Collection only.

MC PA-260
Weight: kg

International Goldspar Satin Varnish 2.5L - Collection only

A satin finish polyurethane varnish for interior use Resistant to hot water, mild acids and alkalis Fast-dry formulation minimises dust contamination Theoretical coverage: 11.5m²/lt
Weight: kg

International Interdeck 750ml - Collection only

Collect only:

Cream 187/ Grey 188/ Beige 186 / Squall Blue 068 / White 184

Slip resistant Polyurethane Deck Paint. Contains fine mineral additive for hard wearing, non-slip surface. Suitable for all substrates. Low sheen finish prevents sunlight dazzle. Apply straight from the can with brush or roller. Theoretical coverage: 10.8m²/lt


MC PA-435
Weight: kg

International Liquid Rubbing 500ml

A liquid polishing product that restores the former shine on gel coat and painted surfaces. Does not contain wax or silicone. For both manual and machine polishing
MC PA-436
Weight: kg

International Marine Polish 500ml

Marine Polish is an ultra-fine grade polish with wax, for use on gel coat and paintwork. Gives lasting protection and high gloss. For manual and machine polishing (800-1000 rpm).
MC PA-437
Weight: kg

International Marine Wax 500ml

Marine Wax gives lasting protection without abrasives or silicone. Easy to work with and an ideal product for larger surfaces. This product offers a hard, long-lasting, full gloss surface and gives protection against saltwater and sunlight. For manual and machine use (800-1000 rpm).
MC PA-132
Weight: kg

International Matting Additive 750ml - Collection only.

Matting additives can be added to both International finishes and varnishes; and depending on the mix ratio between the product and the additive, a variety of gloss, satin or matt effects can be achieved. Mix ratio: 50:50 mix satin effect finish or 25:75 mix full flat matt finish.
MC PA-046
Weight: kg

International Non - Slip aggregate

For addition to gloss finishes and vanishes to provide a course non-slip surface. Add contents to 750ml of paint or varnish
MC PA-071
Weight: kg

International Original Gloss Varnish 2.5L - Collection only

Traditional, general purpose gloss varnish. Good Flow, flexibility & gloss retention. High clarity finish for light colour woods. Interior, exterior and over existing varnish. Theoretical coverage: 13m²/lt