Gas General

MC HG-054
Weight: kg

Alde Microswitch 2923-120

MC HG-017
Weight: kg

Alde Piezo Ignition switch 2920-266

MC HG-018
Weight: kg

Alde Thermocouple

For use with all Alde comfort boilers. Reference/Manufacturer Number: 2920-245.
AQ N-79010
Weight: kg

Gas isolation label

Weight: kg

Gas Isolation Label

Please select Brass or Chrome
Weight: kg

Gas spanner

MC N151-B
Weight: kg

Morco BS Flue Terminal - BLack

D61/KIT + Iso Valve
Weight: kg

Morco D61b fitting kit

Fitting kit for Morco D61 Water heaters +  Comes with D61 Isolation Valve
MC NS808
Weight: kg

Morco Diaphragm

Diaphragm (FW0180)
MC N151/C
Weight: kg

Morco Flue terminal cowl- Aluminium

MC N151/F
Weight: kg

Morco internal twin wall flue pipe 420 mm

TSTM 468645- WC AM-058
Weight: kg

PTFE tape - gas quality

Suitable for use with fittings on LPG and natural gas installations.