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110A Flooded 12v Leisure Battery

110 flooded leisure battery.12V. A general purpose domestic / leisure battery, but can be used for emergency engine starting. Requires monthly maintenance, i.e. electrolyte level check..

Dimensions (H x W x D): 230 x 350 x 175mm Weight: 26.3 Kg Capacity: 110Ah @ C20 Connections Type: Tapered post, standard layout (positive left, negative right)

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110AH Maintenance Free Leisure Battery

The maintenance free product termed "sealed for life" uses Flooded Lead Acid technology, therefore it has to be vented, its box cannot be totally sealed. Extra chemicals are added to stop water useage within the battery, therefore eliminating the need to top up or maintain.

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TLSM 282535
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Silverline Battery Hydrometer

Battery Hydrometer
Clear acrylic cylinder with large PVC siphon bulb and extended nozzle for easy operation. Simple, fast checking of fluid gravity in battery cells using a floating indicator. Use to indicate condition of lead acid batteries in vehicles. Gravity scale from 1.100 to 1.300g/ml with colour indicator scale showing charged to discharged.

Starter Battery - Lead Acid - 643

Post: Pos right -  Neg Left

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Starter Battery - Lead Acid - 644

Post:  Pos Left - Neg Right

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