Heating General

CENT 20522
Weight: kg

18" Handle Black Steel Shovel

AQ: N-93085
Weight: kg

25 mm diameterChimney lagging, per metre


CENT 80129
Weight: kg

4" Black Steel Shovel

CENT 80075
Weight: kg

6" Black Steel Shovel

MC HF-462
Weight: kg

Adapter collar / reducer

CENT 20517
Weight: kg

Ash pan 11" for 16" Fireplace

CENT 20521
Weight: kg

Black Steel Poker

CENT 20519
Weight: kg

Black Steel Tongs/Grab

Weight: kg

Brass Trim Ring 4" Flue

Solid brass 4 3/4" I/D
CAL 13001
Weight: kg

Calfire Rope adhesive 30ml


Chrome Trim ring for 4 1/2" flue pipe

Diameter: O/D 8", I/D 4.5" Fixings: 4 Hole Fixing/M4 Counter Sunk Screws.
MC HS-150
Weight: kg

Coal Inserts

CAL Options

Door glass - Various


CAL ES0009
Weight: kg

Ecofan Motor kit 810/812


Ecofan spare blades

please note:we can supply replacement blades to order.  the serial number of your ecofan is required



Ecofan Stove Fan

Please select from drop down list:

Ecofan 800 - 100 CFM

Ecofan 810 - 125 CFM

Ecofan 812 -  175 CFM


Ecofan stands directly onto stove top and warm air is pushed out into living area.

The hotter the stove the faster the blades turn. Cost nothing to operate

CAL 12008
Weight: kg

Fire Cement 500g Black


MC FA-009
Weight: kg

Fireside Tidy

Transport and dispose of ash from your stove or fire safely and easily with the help of the sleek and stylish Valiant Fireside Tidy. Made from reinforced steel with a glossy black finish, the robust design is built to last, but also looks the part next to any fireside.

The Fireside Tidy can also be used to store other items such as firelighters, kindling and matches – perfect for keeping them away from pets and children. :

260mm x 450mm x 125mm
MC HF-015
Weight: kg

Flue brush

Flue Brush, 5" x 6ft Long.
MC HF-401
Weight: kg

Fluepipe 4"

Internal Diameter: 3 3/4"" Outside Diameter: 4 " Length: 1500mm

Limited stock/Collection only:

Please contact the shop before travelling: 01327-844639