G4-CAB-10L Light fitting 10 LED

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G4 lights complete with replaceable LED. Can be recessed or surface mounted.
£14.00 each

Surface mounted:  27mm Height.
Recessed requiring 19mm of depth.
Standard hole size of 55mm to 60mm.

       G4 Cabinet light + 10 LED bulb in Brass, Chrome, Satin Chrome or White finish

G4 Fitting with 'collar' removed Brass finish Chrome Finish Satin Chrome Finish 

Less than 20mm (0.8") deep when recessed , 27mm deep surface mounted!

10-30v DC, Internally FUSED and Voltage Spike Protected!

  • Lumens: 160L (Cool White); 140L (Warm White)
  • Wattage: 2W
  • Current draw: 166ma
  • Light output approaching a 20W Halogen unit
  • 120' wide angle beam