Fuelset 250ml

MC AO-005
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Fuel Set FCC is a complete fuel conditioner in one bottle. It will eliminate water from fuel systems, kill & dissolve the dreaded ‘diesel bug’, prevent filter blockage, reduce smoke emissions, prevent costly fuel related downtime and provide improved fuel economy. Use regularly to stay “trouble-free”.

Fuel Set is a complete, concentrated fuel conditioner with extensive benefits. Below is a list of the uses that Fuel Set can give.

  • Works with all fuels (except aviation) 
  • Removes water
  • Treats the diesel bug 
  • Cleans up the fuel system
  • Keeps the fuel system clean
  • Engines run smoother
  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • Reconditions old degraded fuel 
  • Lowers emissions.
  • Restores lost fuel economy  
  • Environmentally responsible
  • Easy to use
This handy dosing bottle measures up to 25ml at a time (treating up to 100L of fuel with each measure). The perfect size for all small commercial and domestic uses - 500ml treats a 2000L domestic oil tank, and the larger measuring dose accommodates tanks on larger vehicles such as vans and executive cars, as well as boats.Removes water and cleans throughout the combustion process. Reduces / eliminates black smoke and smoother running improves performance.