Battery charger - Numax 30 AMP

MC NX-003
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Numax "Connect and Forget" HGV/Plant/Agri Battery Charger

Voltage: 12V
Output: 30A


This automatic charger is easy to use and hassle free. Just connect the battery to the charger using the connections provided, and turn it on.

  • The Charger will check the state of the batteries and employ the correct charging regime accordingly.
  • Specially designed to bulk charge as well as float charge, making it one of the leading chargers in today's market.
  • Once the batteries have been charged it will be maintained by the charger, making sure they are in peak condition.
  • Crocodile Clips supplied

Product Information

Manufacturer Part Number123000HD
 Weight : 2.40 kilograms
 Height :  27.5 centimetres
 Lenght : 15.2 centimetres
 Width :    7    centimetres